Professional manufacturer and seller of heat exchangers. With heat exchanger technology of HINO IRON WORKS CO., LTD., more heat energy can be transferred !
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HINO Heat Exchanger

The company has been engaged in the field for
more than 50 years since its foundation in 1949.
As the manufacturer   integrating  design  and manufacture of ceramic, tube, plate, glass-tube
and fin-tube heat exchangers, HINO is dedicated
to development of heat recovering  and  energy
saving equipments.

It is particularly worthy of mentioning  our  main product, Hino-Pile.  It has a compact structure to transfer heat from a gas flow to the other simply through one metal plate, provided the two gas flows have equivalent heat transfer characteristics. After consecutive efforts on profile of heat transmission plate the company has now successfully developed the cross-wave plate heat exchanger  with waveforms  in both directions,    which primitive prototype  was completely flat-plate, later the rugged wall-surface, then the simple wave plate. Compared with the common flat-plate unit,  it is one built-in heat exchanger featured in high efficiency,  light weight, compact structure and wider scope of operating temperature.

Various incinerators,   painting  dryers equipments, chemical industries  and food processing equipments adopting Hino-Pile are used both in Japan and abroad for applications  from ordinary families  to heavy industries.

HINO-PILE Features

HINO heat exchanger can provide especially high efficiency with small volume. Its heat-exchange performance is excellent,  as heat transmission
and heat collection fluids become turbulent along
the heat-transmission surface.     It is the new-generation high-efficient substitution of  tradi-
tional S-tube,multi-tubes,duplicate-tube, spiral-plate, flat-plate and regenerative heat exchangers.
* Corrosion-free Heat Exchanger
* Introduction of Heat Exchanger
* Application Scope


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